10,000 uber trip completed

When i saw my completed trip data last month i was surprise that it is closing on the 10,000 mark. I have never tracked how many trips i have done but the Uber system keeps many statistics about the driver ( as well as the passengers ) including how many times i depressed the brakes during the journey daily ! If Uber wanted to they can track how many times i cough during the trips.

I can remember my very first trip 18 months ago. After i collected the rental car i was in the funan area around 7.30pm ( i can trace back the start time if i wanted to as it is in the system ) and the system gave me the very first rider who is a guy going home at Choa Chu Kang after work. He came into my car obviously not knowing it was my first trip fetching people for a fee and i was feeling strange that a complete stranger is in my car. As it was during rush hour it took me around 30 mins to get to his destination and we never spoke during the journey. There is some pressure in making sure i not not lost getting there and trying to make sure the ride is smooth for him. Being new to the Uber system, there were some getting used to the App features and settings. On the other hand, i starting to like the randomness of meeting people and going unknown places. Unlike public transport driver, every trip is unknown till the passenger gets into the car. This is something that some riders does not know about the Uber system. it only shows the driver the final desination when the rider is in the car, unlike the Grab system. This prevented the choosing of riders by the drivers which is a good thing.

Due to the fact that i rented my car, there is a daily pressure of rental and lost opportunity income. It meant that i have been driving daily after work for the last 18 months. If you divide 10,000 trip to the number of days driven the result will come to 19 trips daily. This only means that i met 19 sets of strangers on a daily basis and for some of them give me interesting insight about themselves which made my driving an interesting experiences.

Exactly one year ago, i bought a new DSLR and put in the car as i can take photos during my driving since i go many places daily. Initially it was meant for taking building and trees and i actually upload the photos to my iPad and i brought it to share to my passengers ( this was before i started my IG account ). A few month later i started the IG so that i did not need to carry the Ipad any more and was begging riders to take a look at my account and be my follower. Fast forward to Aug 2017 i did my 10,000 trip and he is a nice gentleman from Netherlands who stayed in Singapore for 8 years. By now i am very familiar with how the Uber system works and driving 20 trip daily becomes my routine similar to people going to the gym or doing gardening. Last week i saw a news article about a taxi driving who done 36 years of driving which means he would technically seen 10% of Singapore's population.

To me it is a personal achievement which showed that i have the discipline to do it for the extended period and hope that the property listing platform venture will be as successfuly as my Ubergrapher project. See you when i hit 20,000 trips.

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